From: Eco-extremist curse

Through this brief statement, we are responsible for the explosive detonated outside the Power Center shopping center in Coacalco, State of Mexico on December 26 of this year.
We left the bomb on the pedestrian bridge at the edge of 20:00 hrs, the detonation was heard several meters around and damaged one of the concrete structures of the bridge without any injuries, a pity.

Our misanthropic hatred translates into wounds and terror for the humans that swarm everywhere with those disgusting cravings for unbridled consumption, that they fuck up EVERYTHING.
Although the authorities hide things, we advance that the bombs will continue to explode in public places during these dates, as demonstrated by the accomplices of the Pagan Mountain Sect and we reiterate it.

Strength for the ITS-Brazil brothers, who are currently being targeted by the state and its security agencies! 
May the Unknown cover them with their mantle of impunity! 
Because nothing human stops the Wild!

Individualists Tending to the Wild 
-Ouroboros Silvestre


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