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Anokchan has returned as

For Anarchist News old dandies, they may remember way back in the stone ages when Anokchan first came around as a response to images being removed from comments here, just as images were becoming an interest to anarchist meme creation. The ups and downs of getting the imageboard going eventually had to yield to the overflow of spam, which pretty much forced the site to be put down as it was.

Today, time has passed and things are different. Some of the administration after the fall of Anokchan moved efforts into Facebook groups and pages, which were successful enough to now expand out of Facebook and back onto the real web with new alliances, new efforts and new intentions.

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Edited Chat On the Real Challenge

Space Shuttle Challenger

(9:23:11 AM) Wombat: oh, on the topic of anarchists wanting to present a real challenge…they choose low targets that are tangents from their objectives

(9:23:22 AM) Wombat: this antifa zeitgeist is a partisan distraction

(9:23:58 AM) Wombat: if they were actually attempting a serious challenge, they would’ve done what that crazy ass failed bomber just did

(9:24:34 AM) Wombat: that was pretty much on target, though the context of the intentions defeated how really awesome the targeting was for the action

(9:24:58 AM) Wombat: high level authority figures, just straight up

(9:25:01 AM) zadiste: partisan distraction is right

(9:25:32 AM) zadiste: all democrats though. wouldn’t it be better to be non-discriminating?

(9:25:41 AM) Wombat: right

(9:25:50 AM) Wombat: like people in actual positions of power rather than retired

(9:26:02 AM) zadiste: and poor poor Robert De Niro

(9:26:06 AM) Wombat: lol

(9:26:17 AM) Wombat: that is a good symbolic target

(9:26:32 AM) zadiste: what does he symbolize?

(9:26:41 AM) Wombat: he symbolizes the voice of Hollywood

(9:26:56 AM) Wombat: or “Hollywood” as the case is

(9:27:58 AM) Wombat: what Trump and the Republicans fear…if anarchists attacked it, it would be the aspects of power attached to celebrity and how they manipulate and reify struggles, for their ultimate dissolution and recuperation of rebellion into the system or something

(9:29:40 AM) Wombat: so Robert De Niro or whatever is still legit, but the context of targeting is also far different for anarchists, which are typically anti-system. Tho lately it seems like alternative system would be more accurate

(9:31:07 AM) zadiste: yes, alt system, they love their farmer’s markets

(9:32:14 AM) zadiste: why do anarchists hate on each other so much? I’ve been guilty of this myself. is it an anxiety of influence?

(9:33:50 AM) Wombat: It is because of proximity to each other. To be the gang leader of a city you have to win a number of turf wars. This is kind of what anarchists are doing without knowing it. And despite winning or coming ahead, there are still many other gangs with voices that people aren’t paying as close attention to which might threaten the operations of said popular gang

(9:35:25 AM) Wombat: there is this desire within the social order to raise up a hierarchy within their enemy’s ranks, which works like a form of divide and conquer…recognition that someone is speaking for a wave of gang violence or speaking for a social movement, defeats both by creating a legitimacy is a smart tactic of control

(9:36:42 AM) Wombat: like the “if there was a leader, it would be me” complex within anarchists, is hidden vanguardism, which they are often called out on

(9:37:38 AM) Wombat: Also why platformism is dishonest and near Stalinism in disreputable behavior

(9:38:13 AM) zadiste: everyone wants to be a fascist

(9:38:31 AM) Wombat: 😉

(9:38:45 AM) zadiste: do you think this means its impossible to escape hierarchy?

(9:41:08 AM) Wombat: Looking at things as they have been and the failure of potential, I’d say we’ve played our cards and showed our hand. The amount of accumulated wealth the system has at its disposal makes our actions appear as nothing. Climate change, however, is the equalizer in this era. In the early era of industry, I’d say it was the masses. If the masses would’ve could’ve should’ve, then things might of been much different, but that didn’t happen and we lost.

(9:42:34 AM) zadiste: so the only revolutionary course left is to die?

(9:42:46 AM) Wombat: today, it is climate change. the real consequences of devastation is finally upon us. We can now see the effects rather than slightly notice them.

(9:43:31 AM) zadiste: but what does that mean for political action? just watch the world implode and say, “see, we were right!” ?

(9:43:46 AM) Wombat: the revolutionary course of today, the direct action response to the world as we know it, is currently tied to a “resistance” mode because there isn’t an opening available to our knowledge

(9:45:15 AM) zadiste: yes, and the resistance is focused on small targets, as you said, but it sounds like you’re saying all action is hopeless

(9:45:22 AM) Wombat: for political action, it means that mass and general answers have failed…perhaps there is no grand thing we can do together? Perhaps any attempt at grandness will backfire? Stirner seemed to think so

(9:46:27 AM) Wombat: I am saying, if we are looking for something that will affect the empire and cause a revolution or a collapse, there isn’t some secret power individuals have to stop it

(9:46:56 AM) zadiste: I absolutely agree

(9:47:04 AM) Wombat: attempt to cohere and be torn asunder by the very forces you seek the rally because that is the type of era we live in and we don’t see it stops us from winning

(9:47:56 AM) Wombat: this is because of game theory…well can be explained by…I should say…because the selfish interest of people is guiding them

(9:48:04 AM) zadiste: but that is also what even anarchists are trying to do, to re-inscribe hierarchy into anti-state social movements.

(9:49:26 AM) zadiste: you said that the masses could’ve been political actors during the industrial age. who is it now, other than climate change? or is it only climate change and we are just waiting for the slate to be wiped clean?

(9:50:01 AM) Wombat: so they are getting played to prevent revolt by toying with their selfish interests. This selling of metadata has no implicitly evil plan of control, but it is part of a larger plan from a long time ago, to give bread and circuses to the people to keep them from rebelling. Also, American doctrine since Monroe, at least, is founded on explicit use of commodities to undermine enemy powers and to rally allies. Capitalism has always been good to America, unlike many other nations

(9:50:38 AM) Wombat: there are actors in waiting

(9:50:58 AM) Wombat: I can’t say now that they are possible, but I can’t also say that it is a forever given

(9:52:10 AM) Wombat: To be an anarchist today might be to remove the grand and global scale of what is happening and instead focus more specifically on the local area and what can be affected there

(9:53:53 AM) Wombat: to do any form of political reform, activism, whatever, despite who it helps, etc. has nothing to do with rebellion. To justify it with anarchist ethics from another era is weak minded idiocy and has nothing to do with present day rebellion. Very few of Bakunin’s points are revolutionary today, for example. Most have succeeded and/or been defeated

(9:54:38 AM) zadiste: yes, I totally agree that the focus should be local

The Anarchist Myth

curse of civilization

From: Animus Delendi

By Anonymous

I) dismantling the myth

” anything based on the masses, the flock, bears in itself the seeds of slavery. That crowd, who does not self-determines their values, is unable to define their own life.”

Everyone has roots, a past from which through different experiences lived you learn, analyze facts and evolve if you have the ability to do it, or it stays stuck in a loop of mediocrity and pathos. So, a part of the individuals that today form the terrorist groups and eco-extremists (not everyone! ) including those who write this text, come from the “Antiautoritarios” environments of anarchism or radical leftism.

Having spent in some cases several years within this area full of misery and miserable, of cowardly hypocrites and cures of morality, we know what we are talking about and that is why we think it is opportune to clarify why we are untied of the anarchists and their Old and outdated theories at the same time we do a little and brief analysis. It is also necessary to clarify that not all who are called anarchists follow the same line of thought / performance nor fit the description we do and, in fact, among some small and minority anarchist circles we still find similar positions and complicit attitudes, although we have Of course these are the minority within the minority.

To start, some of us started to have contact and approach anarchist ideas precisely because we saw in it an alternative antagonist to the values of society, values that are completely hostile to us. We believed that within the so-called ” anarchist movement ” we could form that ” FREE ” community facing a world we hate, nothing further from reality when after years of wandering through the ruins of mediocrity, squatters, concerts, parties and subcultural nonsense , to participate in “Mass” struggles and actions and attacks in most of the symbolic cases that useless, where we risk a lot to get very little, we have finally realized many things, especially the fraud that is The Myth of anarchism.

Because we have checked first hand how that “free community” of anarchists reproduces exactly the same values of society or the system it says to fight, because we have seen the hierarchies of the anarcho-leaders and their followers, the roles marked, the Struggles of power between different groups or groups, those who speak and those who listen, the attitude of “if you do not agree with my dogma you are less anarcho or directly I will give you the head” and a thousand and a child nonsense that is not worth No writing, anyone who has been in contact with this knows well what we talked about. Because we have checked how the ” movement “, the squatters and others is just a product of consumption, an ideology for sale, a ” radical ” fashion or subcultural or a degenerate form of leisure for drug addicts who are far from being a real threat For the system as it says to be and is simply a form practically assimilated and controlled by the system.

Because we have understood the unfeasible of anarchist and leftists programs, the utopian fantasy of a world in harmony is a ridiculous and we are not interested because to start who knows how the world will be in a few years, the more to walk with a magical solution and A determined program for the post-revolutionary anarchist world. We are tired of throwing our life through the toilet for nonsense that seems to be taken from teenage dreams, to make a more complex analysis of the reality that surrounds us, free from the bandages and chains of romantic idealism has put us on our site. Because we get tired of waiting for a “Revolution” that will never arrive, and that in case it came, taking a look back in the history and in the own behavior of anarchists (which does not stop being a sample more of nature Human) maybe it would be even worse than the world we know today. Because we have been tired of putting hopes in popular uprisings but also in ” the minority awareness ” of the ” insurgents “, because many times we have heard incendiary and belligerent speeches that then remained in that, quackery. Maybe we can say that we are or are crazy or we are lunatics, that ours is “kill for killing until they kill us”… they can say this and a thousand more things but at least we are realistic and above all, honest. Anarchists, either of the type that is (Red, Red, Black, eco-Anarchists… etc. ), they have a very clear thing in common, that their programs are based on illusions and hopes, and that distort the existing reality to fit in their ideological fantasies.

The basic values and pillars on which anarchy is built do not represent us anymore if they ever did. The Humanist and Christian nature of those values disgusts us and repels us. Concepts such as mutual support (Universal and among unknown) Solidarity Promiscuous and indiscriminate for example to people we do not know of anything, simply for belonging to a certain social stratum such as prisoners, migrants or workers without stopping to analyze Each subject individually for its decisions / actions and not simply for the forced category in which it has been placed. The belief that the human being is of nature ” good ” under certain conditions and is ” Debases ” under others… that for not talking about horrific vision of life that has many anarchists (not all) and many other things Which are, as we have already said, intrinsic values of anarchism and that they do nothing but separate us with the world of anarchists.

If we delve into the concepts of ” authority “, ” hierarchy “, ” power “, ” Domination ” and the rest of concepts against those who say fight the anarchists we first found a tremendously hypocritical posture when they themselves have struggles of power, They are authoritarian and try to dominate others who are not like them.
Because when anarchists (or anyone) exercise violence against their enemies are imposing their authority on them through the use of power of force or other means. Even a simple dialectical debate between two opposing positions consists basically of trying to master your opponent and impose your way of seeing things.
On the other hand, we find it tremendously hypocritical and utopian to deny a reality of human behavior. Although our position as individualistic makes it clear that we do not blow our head before anyone nor do we need to tell us what we have to do, think or make decisions for us, we understand that the authority and the hierarchical organization is not therefore or “good” “bad” if it’s not something that it’s just, like it or not, very natural in human behavior forever. Therefore we can be fake and fall into the hypocrisy of anarchists and the “Anti-authoritarian” or assume reality and use it in what suits us.
We understand that in certain moments and situations a figure of authority or “Guide” may be necessary and beneficial. For example when carrying actions, robberies, armed assaults or whatever, there are those who have self-control and cold blood in moments of great tension and danger, in addition to experience in similar situations, or know the area, Or has in general one or several skills that make it more trained than the rest of the team. As it is logical, it will be this person the most indicated to give the indications of how to do or undo Because in a robbery that lasts 30 seconds, there is no time to make an assembly in case of an unforeseen (and often there are). Not only should there be a great coordination and pre-preparation of all members to know which role plays each, but there must be some patterns of behavior of the group next to a figure that for their experience and skills handling these delicate situations know react, take Difficult decisions quickly and guide members of the group who do not have that experience or skills to save themselves and the rest of the group and succeed in their task.
Part of this must be very well defined roles based on the experience and personal skills of each component of the command, and yes, again we collided with the anarchist idealism that is positioned against the specializations and roles, and we can even share That of “everything for all” in the sense that we see the usefulness of all members of the group learn a bit of everything (manufacture of explosives, shot to white, driving, vehicle theft, encrypted computer files, combat body to Body, costumes… etc. ) what we can’t ignore is that there are people with specific skills, for example some are better handles than others, likewise, there will be other individuals who are more trained to drive in extreme situations and others who are more familiar with other practices. That is why in actions there must be some roles based on the specialization and experience of each individual, in this way increase the guarantees of success in action.
The authority exists in various forms, some are coercive and others not, but obviously the concept of authority of civilization is not something that we can understand as something “positive”.
For example the police and other means of artificial regulation of the techno-moral civilization are different and hostile concepts because to start the wild already has its cycles and means of regulation own and does not need other means, and to finish, because these media They are made to measure to perpetuate the civilized order. The question is how each face the reality that the authority and hierarchy in its various forms exist within the human being, the individualistic extremists do not give any allegiance to the civilized authority or whoever is in their way, Only they choose their way, only they decide that it is what they do, out of the anarchist hypocrisy that appearing ” Horizontal “, ” FREE ” and ” without God or love “, build his day to day and his relationships, equal That the rest of the people in a series of defined constructions and roles, including the very natural authoritarian and hierarchical attitudes. The individualist extremist who follows his wild and selfish instinct, using the authority when it is necessary in his benefit (for example when taking the life of his enemies or imposing himself on strength to ensure his survival) not finding himself in this way locked inside From the moral cages of ideologies, religions, enlightenment and humanism and taking reality as it is, make it more pleasant to make it easier to swallow, in the end it is more ” FREE “, even more ” Anarchy ” in the More purely chaotic sense, that all those “Anti-authoritarian” animanted soaked with romantic idealism, prisoners of the mental chains of the stereotype of the politically correct.

On the other hand most people (if not all) have completely assimilated the daily life present and do not know, nor want, to live otherwise that is not the established, the dresser, the easy way. Who will convince all those millions who wander around the world here to establish Anarchy? In the eventual case of the disappearance of the state and the institutions that regulate common life. How do you agree to all or simply prevent them from killing each other?, with pedagogy?, making assemblies? That confidence blind humanity and in “the good faith” of the people of anarchists gives us laughter. In addition to the tremendous arrogance of who presents himself as a kind of ” Messiah “, a divine being touched by the grace of ” God ” who has seen the light, is believed to be the holder of the absolute truth and has been selected for The very important task of ” releasing ” and teaching the true path of light and truth to the rest of the mortals of that massive entity called ” the people ” who are, of course, blind slaves and idiots who have been and are deceived and manipulated By Evil Entities (State-Capital, the “power”, the rich… etc. ) and they are not able to make decisions or think for themselves or understand what surrounds them, and of course, they have no responsibility in what will make the functioning of the current world.

You just have to observe how the attitudes of domination, the desire of power, the internal fights for being the one who has the reason or the one who sends, authoritarian attitudes or rotten social values reproduce and campan to their wide within the movement ” anti – authoritarian “. because even in history, in the few cases where anarchy was imposed or something similar (and we say it was imposed because it was never spoiled without the use of force) within that program or anarchist government there were authorities, leaders , leaders, (Durruti, Nestor Makhno… etc. ) people whose voice was heard higher and whose opinion was worth more than others, a few who made important decisions and a few who followed and obeyed, so in these experiences of history we see that there were organs responsible for ” keeping the order “, etc., etc. That the authority emanates from an assembly, a ” Revolutionary ” Committee, of a worker council or one or another ” Horizontal ” organizational structure (ha! ) does not make it different from the one that emanates from an institution of the government or the canyon of a rifle.

We have understood that human nature is conflicting, that the hierarchy and authority in its various variants are very rooted concepts in the human being and that there were always and there will be people who, or because they were trained for it or by force have become In Leaders, and there was always and there will be who is willing to follow these leaders. There was always and there will be people looking forward to power, to send, to be someone respected or feared and even more people are the one who will choose the easy way, which is to bend the head, obey and not get into trouble, nor have To complicate life thinking for yourself if there is already one who makes the decisions for you. And that happens even in the anarchist circles, that’s why it is not that we charge specifically against the rot of the anarchists, if not that we carry against the rot of humanity of which anarchists and leftists are part. Ideologies sell the image of prefabricated enemies and that we must fight and sacrifice ourselves for a “superior” cause, but we have come to the conclusion that the enemy of man is the man.

Because while there was a time where we thought the root of all evil was the state / capital /, then we realized that it was more complicated, and that the origin of this was the complicated network of power relations that is society and after This, we understood that society is the product of civilization and is in turn of human progress, which is responsible for the unfortunate reality. And whether we like it or not, the human being naturally tends to progress, and the modern human being to the worst kind of progress that there is, that one has an anthropocentric vision where everything on earth, from water, mountains, Trees, animals, people… everything is reduced to resources or products, benefits, land to conquer or bodies / minds to dominate or tame.
And in this, many anarchists not only stay tremendously short by doing the simple analysis of “State / Capital Source of all evil in the world”, if they don’t even raise a criticism of civilization and progress, or worse Still, they are tremendously pro-civilization, thinking that with changing the form of government, directing resources and means of production and modifying the social / economic organization is enough.

Finally having reached these conclusions based on what was lived, what world “new” expect us to build with this riffraff?, what new experiences and liberating moments can arise from between so much rot? Nothing absolutely can wait for anarchists, because their faith in humanity blind them, victims of their own idealism have a romanticized and unrealistic vision of the world and the nature of people. Keep hoping that, especially in the mass society we live, the ” Awakening of consciousness ” and people ” learn ” to live in Anarchy, especially if those responsible for bringing anarchy to the people are these characters. For us you can lose your whole life chasing your utopia.

Because to approach an experience the most ” real ” possible of authentic, wild and free life would have to look at ways of life or social organization on a very small scale, with few members, tribal forms or ” Primitive ” already lost or almost lost, Far away from civilization and yet this was not or is nothing perfect we do not even consider as an example to follow, since we do not identify anything or anyone and we prefer that each one seek and make its way.

II) ” Anarchy Black ” and ” new ” Urban Guerrillas

“idols do not exist more than for me; just stop creating them, to disappear: there are no superior powers, but because I raise them and put myself under them”

While we have spoken in general of anarchy as a movement we want to stop more deeply in one of its “variants”, which may seem to have certain similarities with the extremist and terrorist tendencies. We talk about the so-called ” Anarcho-Nihilists ” Trends, ” Antisocial ” Anarchism and ” Anarchy Black ” and the experiment of the ” new ” anarchist urban guerrillas.

To begin, reading the texts and claims of actions of this trend, we see nothing more than the repetition of the same speech over and over, a purely identity speech based mostly on criticizing what the other trends of anarchy do or do not do, or Why the rest of anarcos do not do what I do or laugh at jokes (that I am more anarcho than you because you do not follow my dogma, something very common among the anarchists as we have seen before).
At the same time the need to write a text for everything, often too exaggerated and with words and terminology that stays too big compared to the ridicule of the “actions” carried out in most cases (Seal a lock, Put banners or painted.
The need to convince, to win followers and followers for “His cause” (although this some do not recognize him) leads them to have a presence and speech at the public and open level, which puts them obviously in the point of look of the Snitches and research. Just like the communists and the social anarchists have the hopes deposited in the absolute revolutionary subject (” the people “, ” the working class “, etc. ), Anarchy black deposits its hopes that its texts and actions push the awakening of the awareness of individuals who are already part of the “movement” or their younger and energetic part and push them to action. Basically, some trust in the masses and others in the “minorities of unruly”, but in the end everything is the same, deposit hopes that others will follow you and do the same thing you do, following the anarchist tradition of that species “Faith” humanist mystical that deposit in people. Beyond that, the proposal ” Black ” offers nothing more than waiting for the ” Contagion ” of the night a day and makes waters everywhere.
Besides, the incendiary and war speech of anarchy black does not correspond to reality, where most of these subjects live within the comfort of the aesthetic pose of the movement “insurrectionist”.
Then we have this famous concept of the ” verted ” of actions, so according to the theory of ” Polymorphic action ” the anarchist ” of praxis ” Can (and must! ) combine to put posters to put bombs (as if it were the same), to do guerrilla actions while participating in public or propaganda moves and actions, speak, defend and promote anarchist violence in debates, assemblies and conversations Public… and so follow the thing… but what nonsense is this?, what nonsense exit from the mind of an unconscious or a mentally ill is this concept of the “polymorph”?

Anyway, the bragging, the bravado, the rumors, the mouth and the hanging dealers counting comics and stories even in phone conversations or on Facebook type social networks (long live coherence! ) is something very common in the circles of the ” Black anarchists “, and let’s say the ” Fame ” that gives the being or being imprisoned…

If we enter the map of the concept of actions and the “new” Anarchist Urban Guerrillas, we reach the worst part of all.
First the strategy, planning and execution of actions are disastrous, the lack of measures or better said of a culture of security and self-conservation instinct is one of the many fallas of these groups. The examples to follow many of these “Anarcho-nihilists revolutionaries” are the disastrous guerrilla experiences (leftists or communists mostly) of the past or present and their historical failures (RAF, etc. ), examples that are followed not based on a strategic approach or in view of improving the effectiveness of armed action, but simply based on a moral approach, ideological stiffness or fetish admiration. Because despite being called ” new ” these guerrillas do nothing but copy the schemes of the ” old ” Guerrillas in many aspects, perhaps the greatest of their differences is the theoretical part.

Ineptitude, unconsciousness and irresponsibility are the words that best define these “guerrillas”, since these are their main qualities, those that put them in unnecessary danger to them and to anyone who is around him. The “Guerrillas” prisoners in the past and especially in the present are the nefarious example for a new generation of idiots who love them fetichísticamente without stopping to think or make the slightest criticism, nor question why the anarchist groups of guerrilla action They had a fleeting duration and most of their members ended up prisoners, dead, hidden or denying what they were. The example given by these “guerrillas”, their experiences, their words and texts encouraging to follow their steps and make their same mistakes leaves a new generation of followers ready for jail. On the other hand, the ” requirement ” of the samples of ” solidarity “, such as attending trials or maintaining contact or direct relationship (be by letter, phone, social networks, visits…) with prisoners do nothing but Fill the research files of the anti-terrorist police. Not to mention the lack of responsibility, on both sides, of those who have direct and continuous contact with prisoners when they are carrying out actions or have in mind to do so.

Martyrdom and self-credit are another of their ” virtues “, the claim of responsibility when they are captured, even without evidence that the them directly is one more proof of the stupidity of these ” guerrillas “, confusing pride with stupidity. As if they had to give their face or accountability before “the movement” or give some political responsibility for their actions to people who do not even know them, who will not follow their steps and probably in a few years or remember all this. Because in addition, even if it seems to us a tremendous nonsense to give the enemies our life in the court, we believe that we must be consistent with the decisions taken and face them until the end. Because you can’t declare ” Anti-legal “, refuse to participate in judicial proceedings, refuse to recognize the authority of any judge or prosecutor, announce to voices that the escape, mutiny and rebellion is the only option of the ” Urban Guerrilla ” Prisoner and then claim to benefit from prison benefits, participate in trials (even if he is doing theatre), participate in the legal defense process etc., and even after ” refusing to participate in the farce that are the trials ” and ” no Expect nothing from a system that declare irreconcilable enemies ” complain because they left them without their prison benefits, because the convictions were very hard or because things do not come out as expected. Because when you see yourself in the mouth of the wolf is when it is shown that material is made of your convictions, because we know that it is very easy to speak or write texts and be very bravo in theory, but after all, the practical example It’s what counts. Because we have already seen how when some have been isolated and more alone than one, with those who in the past supported them by turning their back or changing their jacket “and if i have seen you I don’t remember”, how fast they lowered the Speeches and disappeared the radical and aggressiveness of the beginnings.

And when we go to the practical example of the “Guerrilla” actions of these anarcos, we see many stupid actions, poorly executed, with lousy results, a lot of risk for such poor
Attacks that in many cases only resulted in a stain black on some wall. In addition, these actions were rarely directed to directly affect the life of one of their enemies if not against the property and almost always the same repetitive goals (Banks and Atms), and normally on symbolic specific dates for the “movement” ( Anniversaries of some police murder, of any revolt of the past, by calls of “Solidarity” with such or which cause or prisoner… etc. ) if someone was injured, texts and communiqués were quickly released asking for forgiveness and understanding that it was not their intention to hurt ” innocent “. because despite declaring antisocial, terrorists, eternal enemies of society and other words, these ” Terrorists ” and ” Antisocial ” have a lot of consideration with society and their fellow citizens.

By way of conclusion we can say that the experiences of the ” experiment ” of the ” new ” Urban Guerrillas have only left a lot of prisoners, another even bigger pile of people under research and probably another lot of future prisoners. All this is the high price that has been paid for a short-term activity and a ridiculously small amount of damage caused (in the vast majority of cases), which in economic terms are recovering well based on payments of judicial expenses . This is the high price for bad planning, big mouths, for getting carried away by emotions and nonsense, and especially for thinking that this is a game. In strategic terms and doing a cold and common analysis, the experiment of urban guerrillas and anarchist action groups has been and is an absolute disaster, and there are the facts that prove it.

We have always been aware that those who immerse themselves in this life, who choose the path of illegality, the attack with all their consequences until the end have no guarantees of anything, and much less ” success ” or ” victory “, Rather they have many guarantees to end up dead or prisoner. But one thing is to know this reality and assume it by acting accordingly, whatever happens but always being cautious, patients and cautious to keep us out of jail or cemetery, to continue attacking more and better, and another very different thing is to be a Suicide that goes directly to the mouth of the wolf, because we reject and deeply despise that garbage garbage that “jail is a stop in the life of the revolutionary / Anarchist / whatever” that has led to the imaginary of many idiots the belief Imprisonment is not “for so much”. jail, especially with a firm condemnation for terrorism of years and years, is simply the end. We no longer live in the middle ages, nor are we in the 80, modern prisons make practically impossible to escape from them. A long or life sentence is not “a stop”, it means that you have fucked your life, in most cases for making the wrong decisions, and instead of keeping these stupid arguments and those anarcho-nonsense about jail They should look in the mirror and assume they fucked up. In our case, we prefer a fast and direct death that a “life” of martyrdom between bars that in the best of the scenarios you end up dropping after half life prisoner, being a human dispossession, sick and old, that if you don’t They kill being between clear bars. We insist, one thing is to take risks and another very different is to be suicidal.

The growing shortage in both quality and amount of offensive activity even in places that had a wide history of anarchist activity shows a movement in decline, consumed by grudges and internal disputes, which could be and was not, or better said a love and not I can. The bombings, fires and specific attacks are nothing more than the last legs of something already expired.
Those who made anarchism more than a useless talk and a pacified and reformist attempt to make social policy and gave a chaotic and threatening dye to Anarchy, which even in certain moments came to represent a headache for governments, they are dead Or in jail (mostly due to committing nonsense and mistakes of children), others changed their positions when they were scared of fear thinking they could end up as their ” Compass ” prisoners or when they saw that carry the pose of ” Anarcho-social activist ” it’s less dangerous. Many others continue to carry the pose of the anarcho-Insurrectionist-Antisocial-blackblock that only remains in that, speech and pose but nothing or almost nothing to put into practice.
Who knows maybe new generations of anarcos know how to give a twist to this decline that consumes them and take it through other trails, more dangerous for the established, this we do not know and contrary to what many think, we would be glad that so it was More tension in society, more attacks, more bombings and fires, murders and alterations of the normality of any kind, ultimately, extremist and destructive criminal activity (of the court) adds more chaos and destabilization to a civilization in decline.

We are going to put a clear example in terms of effectiveness brought to practice: the trend of eco-extremist terrorism has been hitting since 2011, when the first stis emerged in Mexico, in its 6 years of life, this trend, that It has gone through different phases has expanded to several countries (namely: Argentina, Brazil and Chile, at the moment, although it has “supporters” in various parts of the world), and operates in several states of Mexico counting on its history with dozens Of vindicated attacks (from shipment of packages bomb, incendiary attacks, attacks with firearms and white weapon, placement and detonation of explosive ordnance, murders…) plus an unspecified number of attacks without claims that have left not only material damage , terror and shock in citizens and authorities alike, but several wounded and mutilated and a few dead. Likewise, for years in various parts of Europe, with special presence in Italy, they operate and expand groups and individuals of the nihilistic terrorist trend that have left a trail of incendiary attacks and explosives spreading their poison to the bowels of society Putrid, and all this without counting the acts without vindication and without taking into account that, some of the people who today act under these trends, have already used years ago for other reasons (similar or not). In all this time, to date and we know, he has not been arrested or imprisoned or a single person under the accusation of being part of any of these groups or to be author of any of these attacks, even despite the Great notoriety that these trends have acquired (and taking into account the concealment, denial and manipulation practically systematic of their activities by the media, governments, and the “Anti-information” Media), and to have To the police and intelligence agencies of several countries trying to give with them.
Meanwhile “the anarchist urban guerrillas”, the anarcho-Nihilists of anarchy black and the insurrectional of IAF (or better said of what’s left of it, a shadow of what it was) that they have achieved in these years? Nothing apart from decreasing in quality and quantity of actions in a decline to all foreseeable lights, and bringing a lot of people head to jail with long-term convictions while in their “history” does not figure a single dead. This is the price paid by following the theoretical / practice action line of anarchist armed action as we know it, that is, the mixture of wanting to be a political activist and terrorist guerrilla at the same time, which is all lights, A suicide. Again much loss for so little result
That is why instead of looking for acceptance or towards of anyone, to grow in number or expand, it should be emphasized to keep our trends incorruptible, at any price, in order to prevent imitators, followers / admirers or to become a Circus or a fashion, just as it happened with the anarchists. This is not an activity for all audiences, it is only for the best, the most trained, those who have no qualms about the time to shed blood (especially other blood), if necessary, we must close hermetically and distrust everything Strange. We must keep “Pure” the essence that characterizes the trend without degrade, even if it involves being few and having few (or none) sympathies.

Comment on Nationalism


On the analytical side, I agree more with the point that the rise of nationalism corresponds with the loss of faith in the neoliberal order. Nationalism seeks to become the new faith for the same infrastructure.

Seeing how it actually behaves, it is less about nation building and more about force. The wedding of state and capital has interwoven in ways that “nationalism” today is more about exploiting the dominant cultural forces to justify arbitrary uses of power internally, with some state interventions on trade while still maintaining the global infrastructure of trade.

Making it about the suppression of an ideology means that power is not actually being challenged, but rather a cultural conflict is taking place, perhaps a civil war.

This is all being done in the shadow of climate change. Its real world effects, from my observation, has caused many nations to take a position where they are looking out for themselves while the world burns. There will be no big save, but those that are trying to make such a thing reality are also slowly losing steam.

If there is no enlightenment, there is no progress, there is no move towards a world of freedom. Instead there is a world that grows worse everyday, each “stage” of human development is a shift in how humans adjust to artificial scarcity. Yes, it is very true that overpopulation can be seen as a severe problem. The only problem is that this has been an issue since permanent agriculture.

This isn’t to say agriculture is the original sin, but it is to say that something that should’ve wiped out humans in drought ridden areas instead gave them the ability to subsist despite conditions pressing for the contrary. The human fear of being without subsistence persisted this behavior as did the changing of collective memory, as human society took more time and effort, humans began to forget how to live without agriculture.. Something like that.

Anarchy Planet IRC Lounge


If you are interested in our continuing line of old internet stuff repurposed as the Rebellion (copyright pending), then come on by #anarchyplanet and shoot the shit with us. This isn’t necessarily a move away from Facebook as much as a move towards other avenues and (re-)exploring them.

As Facebook becomes less about the user and more about what the user is being forced to observe, it is nice to have a good place to chat it up and get to grasp your own understandings without having to spend half the day scrolling through nonsense. I’m not promising utopia, but I am promising a better internet experience by supplementing your internet time in IRC with us.

(Brazil) 63 Communique of ITS: About the 325 anarcho-cops


From: Maldición Eco-extremista

I shoot him in his mouth because of the lies he said, and I shoot his hand because of the dirty things he wrote.” – Jaques Mesrine, about the kidnapping of a french journalist.

One last time the anarcho-friars spoke against us eco-extremists attempting to affect us in some way. You from the 325 NGO and your allies will pay the highest price for your delations against the alleged person behind the eco-extremist theorist Abe Cabrera, who is not even part of ITS and for slander and try to give information about Misanthropos Cacoguen to the United Kingdom police. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Every one of you behind this plot have within your bodies the spirit of Jacob Ferguson.(1) You are humanist of the worst kind, of the kind that even your own “comrades” should not trust so you tend to the betrayal, of the kind of traitor scumbag that affectively collaborate with the cops in an investigation case, of the kind of lunatic that expose and slander those who dare to criticize or overcome the failed theory and “praxis” of the corpse of the anarchy. You should know that here in Brazil the first of the laws that rule the favelas and the criminals of the streets is “never snitch”. That will be never forgiven, snitches pay with the life. Betrayal and delation are disgusting behaviours in every place, even between anarchists, and those who did it will pay a price for it. Between your people exist those who condemn in any case the delation, even when involves enemies or discordants, Who does not remember what happens in the failed scape attempt carried out by the CCF terrorists when a scumbag like you are called Christodopoulos Xiros talk against members of that guerrilla? They position theirselves against such snitch attitude (2):

“At least we, with our “mafia-style practices” never betray our ideas and our comrades. But even those who were arrested and accused of being members of our group, without having relation with it, even if we do not consider some of them comrades, or even if we consider some of them as our personal enemies, the only thing that is sure is that there was not a snitch or a traitor between them.”

We have no doubts that you found little support in what you did even between your own comrades.
So, anarchists how goes the preparation to access the police? Who would say it, the abolicionist anti-prison revolutionaries trying to send dissidents to prison.
You remind to the stalinists sending the dissidents to the gulags. You are a shame for the real anarchists that blew up in the air some army elements in the 19 and 20 centuries. The old Bakunin told that “if the power is given to you, you will be worst than the tsar”. We solve our differences without involving the police authorities, either debating or with violence. But you, “anarcho-cops” choose the filthiest way. Then you will have to face us in the worst way. The most recent eco-terrorist send to prison by the FBI was Joseph Mahmoud Dibee (3), now the para-state patrol of anarcho-cops put their effort in send some of our people behind the same bars. This symbiosis between the police and the anarchists is something than only the modern anarchism is able to provide.

Obviusly, you are not the only ones who knows secrets. If we opt for snitching anarchists certainly some of your comrades from here will fall. We have in our hands the capacity of reply with the same method, but we will not do so because we are not so miserable as you are. And dont be fools, ITS-Mexico take a hard position against Scott Campbell and John Zerzan because they were asking for it, they fill their mouth talking shit about them. Now you try to harm us with what you did. So if you want to send our people to prison, we will send yours to the world of the dead.

What drives you against us is the desperation, as the “new anarchy”, “black anarchy” and any other silly thing regardless how you want to name it has failed, acept that, period.
Everyone knows thate there is a strong discomfort inside the international anarchist scene and more and more individuals of courage step away of the foolish utopism, without waiting for better days, for any kind of collapsed or deceived by the already outdated revolutionary and humanistic fairy tales in favour of the “humankind”- Those 47 chromosomes idiots have a childish arsenal of adjectives to yell against anyone who shows sympathy towards ITS and because they have nothing else to write against us now they appeal to ridiculousness, as it is the case of the blog “Christian Instinct” (Because they have nothing of wild) (4) they republished a text calling ITS-Mexico “Nazi-Aztecs” (What the hell is that? Those leftist writers dont have anything else to invent!) So in Brazil what we would be? “Nazi-Tupinambas”? This only a question of moral judgement rooted within yourselves libertarian missionaries. The Anarchist Black Cross should be confuse when the ex-comulgated Kevin Garrido drop a bomb in support of ITS (5). Mario Lopez Tripa was another who set on fire your cassock (6). By the way, have blood in your eyes, Kevin, stay strong, your day will come. And for you Tripa, we are with you to get payback on those miserable.

In Brazil the scenario is not different, and recently some called Nucleo de Oposicion al Sistema (NOS) after some attacks in São Paulo release a “call” for a “unity and struggle against the system” (7). Really? Those leftist where so naive trying to “call” us for their ridiculous “struggle” that is incoherent even for theirselves as they ask in ther “demands” the liberation of the former president Lula, a left-wing politician that at the time of his government reinforced the actual system. What kind of shitty anarchist group demand the liberation of a former president? To counter the “Bolsonaro threat” and make a sort of Popular Front like in Spain on 1936 that tried to stop the ascend of the right wing? The justifications are dubious.

We are aware that there are many honest efforts to discuss about eco-extremism and deepen not only the eco-extremist critic, there have been many debates and texts in the last years.
Lately those interested are being coerced by a plot of idiots that harshly condemn anyone that mention the tendency and put them in some kind of black list of “ex-comrades corrupted by the eco-extremists”. This is an anarchist effort to block at all costs the expasion of eco-extremist theory and praxis. The most recent case that deserve a mention comes from a british eco-anarchist author that released an interesting essay about “decolonial violence and eco-extremism” that was presented during the Anarchist Studies Network Conference, in the University of Loughborough. In less than one week the anarchist prosecutors criminalise him in base of the moral laws of what is acceptable and what is not within the left (the author was victim of the same thing thah he describes in his own text) and they forced him to exclude his text (8) and instead release a clarification note (9). Of course, a situation like this can not pass unnoticed, We have the text and we spread it in this communique for those who want to read and discuss it, acess here.
The essay “Paper On Decolonial Violence and Eco-Extremism For 2018 ASN Conference” may have been excluded by the coercion of the liberatarians”, but we have the full content. The author express also that one of the reasons to delete the essay is his own safety (in reality he was pushed with the idea of “safety”), but with a text like this one at the momento his only enemies are the anarchist inquisitors, and not because he threat anarchists like ITS did in their thirty first communique(10), but because he rationalized in a intelligent way about the morality and terrorist violence. A fragment of the note of aclaration “Avoiding misinterpretation”:

“I understand that discussing the ugliest aspects of civilisation is something that is very uncomfortable for a lot of people and I can understand why people are not fond of me doing so. I believe that if we are to respond in any way to the uglinesses we are confronted by, we first need to acknowledge them, discuss them and not disregard or try to ignore. This seems to me to be true regardless of whether or not we are talking about the terrorism of ISIS, eco-extremism, the capitalist military-industrial complex, totalitarian agriculture or any other context.”

Leftists are prisoners in some kind or paralell reality in wich what they do and approve in their moral audits is right and acceptable (ELF, MEND, Ted Kaczynski, CCF, YPG, Baader-Meinhof, Rote Zora, Zapatistas, Revolutionary Struggle, etc.) and whatever we do is just fascism!!! (with emphasis). In the world of the adults were things are taken serius, the theory and praxis of the group, now exctinct, Wild Reaction and ITS was much more debated by several groups and individuals interested in the topic. Wildists admitted that the eco-extremist theory contributed to the fall of the revolutionary myth that was present within the wildism (11). The eco-extremist theory also contributes as an anarchist critic from former anarchists from Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Here in Brasil we know that this topic was seriusly debated in other states. In the United States and Europe the debate has contributed also, and was big within certain circles. And the anachists of the kind of “325, IGD, Voz Como Arma and Instinto Salvaje” arise and the only thing they have to say is yell “you fascists!!!” and irrationally condemn anything that the eco-extremists theorist and anyone interested in the topic have to write or say? The only word to describe this is dementia. As we said, they are desperate because the failure of modern anarchism and the spreading of eco-extremism. And the same eco-radical author condemned by anarchists that was censored in the ASN Conference, had already published in the past a respectable point of view about the actions of ITS called “Eco-terrorism, Eco-fascism, Eco-extremism, Eco-anarchism and the Bialowieza Forest” (12). An interesting part of the text says:

“I can sympathise aspects with this critique of anarchists by this eco-extremist writer, in the weakness of anarchist arguments, where anarchists just call anything they don’t like fascist”

A thorough evidence that these anarchists are demented is that if we look at the definition of fascism there is absolutely nothing in common with what we defend, so, what they say is just a delirium, everything is said in a very emotional way. Instead of reviewing their methodology and theory, they spend their time dedicated to write books and texts filled of slanders and yelling “fascists, fascists, fascists!”. If Steffen Horst Meyn died (13) nobody but the anarchists present at the place are the ones to blame as they were 20 meters high in their useless and outdated tree sitting while the Hambach forest awaits for its end. Blocades, tree sitting, posters, all that haven been proven to be totally ineffective since years ago and its only result have been the identification and imprisonment of a lot of ecologists. Despite the moral endorsement of the leftists, the decendents of MEND are terrorists and they force the withdrawal of the oil companys from the Niger Delta, what did the natives from the isle of Bougainville is called terrorism and they managed to destroy the mining activity. What have been done by the Mapuche to defend their pagan beliefs and their ancestral lands in Chile is terrorism. The santified CCF are purely terrorists. No matter how much they demonize this this concept, is pure terror. The difference with our terrorism is just the objective and the indiscriminate method, as the problem for us is not just the techno-industrial society and its progress, but the humanity itself.
In the other hand you practice terror with blind faith seeking a new and unattainable human being, with the hope hopes deposited in some kind of anarchist Eden’s garden for this catastrophe of almost 8 billion of insatiable anthropocentric creatures. That is just stupid. In the end, are you really selective? And what about the death of Sergio Landskron? And the several statements of civilians that were almost tear apart by the shrapnel in the bombs planted by CCF? What about the bomb in a metro station in a Military School in Chile? And the death of the worker in a pharmacy set on fire during a demostration in Chile? Those “inconvenient cases” are swept under the red carpet of morality and never re-opened again. You are an incoherent universal shame.

The regret for trying to harm us will be bitter, just wait.

Forward eco-extremist theorist!
Let the hunt begin, ITS from America and Europe, because here we will do our part!
Regards to Garbage Guerrilla!

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brasil
– Wilderness Secret Society